Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Curry

While some of us might be tempted to reach for the shop bought pastes and sauces, making your own curry from scratch couldn’t be easier. With a few simple tricks, you can whip up a deliciously satisfying dish, better than anything the local takeout or supermarket can offer.

Sizzle your spice :

Kick off your curry by heating whole spices in hot oil to unleash their true flavours. Choose from Cardamom, Cinnamon, Cloves and Seeds for the perfect base to your dish. Fresh spices are the best choice and will keep for longer in the freezer.

Healthy choices :

It’s a common misconception that curries have to be unhealthy. Simply soak almonds in water for an hour and blitz to create an almond paste or choose tomato over coconut milk. Spices like Chilli and Ginger are also packed with health benefits such as antioxidants to help fight viruses and can help boost circulation.

Take your time :

A good curry doesn’t have to take hours but it’s important to allow the ingredients like onions to cook properly, the get the most out of them. Plus, save powered spices like Garam Masala until last. The cooking process reduces the flavour of dried spices so it’s best to wait until you’re almost finished with the heat before adding to your mix.

Season to taste :

Tomato based curries can benefit from a little sugar to take away the acidity and a pinch of salt can balance a dish. If you go a little overboard with the seasoning, a twist of lemon juice will neutralise the excess.

Garnish :

Transform your curry with a simple topping! Toasted sesame seeds, desiccated coconut or a sprinkle of fresh pomegranate adds another layer of depth to your creation.

Leftovers :

Make curries go further by adding pulses like chickpeas and yellow split peas. Not only will it bulk out the meal, but pulses are great sources of Protein and Fibre, giving your dish a nutritional boost. As long as rice is cooled quickly (ie run under cold water after cooking) and stored in the fridge, it’s safe to reheat the next day – or you can grab a pack of our handy Steamed Basmati Rice which takes just two minutes in the microwave.